Day 42 Erldunda

Distance today 75km at 19km/hr

Total distance 3083km. Donations $4301. Deserts 3/10. Days remaining 97

It’s 730pm of Saturday the 12 June 2021.

I’m saddled up at the roadhouse enjoying a double egg burger and chips- oh bliss. The first thing I need to do tonight while I devour dinner is my State border form and download the check in App for NT. That’s all done now albeit a day late. All good!!

It’s been a really great day. It started with the sunrise and cuppa while I called the folks and my partner, Dawn. What a perfect way to start the day. I knew it was going to be a shorter ride today so I could savour this time with a fresh head and heart. No better start to the day. I adore my family.

By the time I packed and got underway it was closer to 11am. The day was noticeably warmer than it has been for ages. I loved the warmer conditions and so did the body, soul and mind.

I’m a bit cold sensitive and heat tolerant so the change was enjoyed to the max. It was a pleasure to sit back in the saddle and enjoy the ride. The countryside colours seemed just that bit brighter and I was keen to take notice and appreciate. Mother Nature was showing off her beauty NT style.

I had my first break at 30km and shared it with the beep beep birds and budgies

The ride was so enjoyable, I didn’t even think of having a break until coming into Erldunda and the junction with Lasseter Highway. This was a goosebump moment with the realisation that Uluru and Yulara were literally just around the corner.

The roadhouse at Erldunda could not be more welcoming. It’s a quality campground with excellent facilities and warm staff. They were happy to let me camp for free so it was my pleasure to dine in to say thank you. Dinner was delish by the way with a doggy bag for breakfast – burp!!!!

The campground is busy with travellers arriving and leaving. I was met on the way in by Judy and Barry sitting with their travel party. They passed us out on the road and were keen with questions and praise. They donated $10 which Ive put up online tonight as well as the other donations since leaving Marla.

The camp has resident camels and emus that roam in spacious enclosures around the perimeter. I’ll check out the emus in the morning however I couldn’t resist setting up camp right next to the camels. They’re friendly for a scratch and hardly wild 🤣

Chris and Di from McLaren Flat came over to check out the camels and we got talking over sunset. They’re avid cyclists and have toured Australia on motor cycles. It was really interesting to share stories with them from the angle of mental health and challenging our human capacity. We chilled with the camels which was a lot of fun. They’re on their way to Darwin to celebrate their 70th birthdays. Happy birthdays and safe travels!!!!

Teresa and Terry came over shortly after and we too shared stories. They’re travelling in a 1985 camper van which still purrs albeit a bit slower these days. This suits them fine as they love taking the time to see what they can and believe every place has a gem to find if you look close enough. We shared a love for desert country with its diversity and simplicity. There’s so much life amongst the expanse when I take the time to take notice!!!! 😊 Teresa is into photography and Terry’s always on the lookout for photo opportunities while driving so they make a pretty good team. They filled my water bottles this evening as we shared the crescent moon and evening star over twilight.

Time to finish up before I’m kicked out when they close at 9am. It’s been cosy to sit in the cafe to post this evening and do some admin. The end to an awesome day. Talk soon xxxx

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