Day 40 Agnes Creek

Distance today 87km at 21km/hr

Total distance 2900km Deserts 3/10. Fundraising $4056. Days remaining 99.

Note to new readers: I am travelling with my bike who’s name is Banjo. I often refer to ‘we’ meaning Banjo and I. ‘We’ have an amazing support team of family, friends, sponsors and folk we meet each day. But it’s still up to ‘us’ to face the challenge and tackle each day one peddle at a time.

It’s 6.30am on Friday the 11 June 2021.

I didn’t manage a post last night as I joined Kate and Kay and their families for dinner and being sociable o’clock. I met the ladies coming into Agnes Creek rest area at about 3.45pm.

They’re travelling in convoy with their families and the ladies were out on their push bikes taking photos. They were fun and we immediately clicked. They had passed Banjo and I on the Stuart Highway from Marla and figured we would probably being stop there for the night. They were right.

We had thought about going on another 34km to Marryat Creek but this place looked so beautiful with time to enjoy the bird life and company for the remainder of the day

Earlier that day I woke to the most spectacular sunrise.

It was stunning and inspiring. I packed up camp and thanked Janice at the roadhouse for letting me rest and reset. I enjoyed the rest day having time to potter with choirs. I spent sometime reflecting on the ride into Marla and it was healthy to express the experiencing before letting it go and getting on with the next stage.

We met Marija and Moppie while packing up. They’re travelling together in a camper van. Moppie is old English for ‘my darling.’ She is a rescue dog and as sweet as they come. Marija reckons they rescue each other. Moppie is the best travel companion despite being a bit of a handful sometimes. I understand that little dogs can have big personalities. 🤣 Marija donated $15 before we left.

We headed round to the air compressor at the roadhouse. It was an old one with a tricky valve and I was having a bit of difficulty getting a good seal. ‘John’ offered to help. He was travelling with friends and offered his compressor to get Banjos tyres pumped for tarmac.

He had a mini compressor which did a great job. My sister suggested I consider this gadget but I’m not about the power supply as it has a 12 volt socket. John was happy to lend a hand and him and his friends waved us on our way towards Yulara.

TARMAC!!!!!!!! I must have yelled this out a dozen times during the next hours scattering roadside birds and critters. Ooooooh it was very nice!!! The ride was great and I was in an awesome headspace and energised.

There’s heaps of travellers on the Stuart travelling in both directions. I noticed how open I felt towards other travellers waving lots of ‘hellos’ and ‘thank you’s’ as they gave us a wide birth. I think the experience coming into Marla has given me a new perspective on how important this connection is, even in passing.

The sky was big and the landscape full of olive green shrubbery, red dirt and gum trees. There are lots of dry river beds with undulating hills and pop ups. It was beautiful countryside to ride through. And the road was smoooooth so I could take it all in.

When we arrive at Agnes Creek it was early bird o’clock and the trees were busy with green budgies and galahs doing their domestics. I wondered for an hour or so just checking it out and loving up the sounds and smells.

Kenny from Townsville was camping with his wife and he wondered over to say hello and have a chat. He was telling me about his favourite bands and places travelled. Kenny had a strong Irish accent and huge heart. He donated $20 and blessed us safe travels and adventures in our challenge.

Kate and Kay invited me to dinner after setting up camp. I was treated to mushroom and cheese risotto and a can of ginger beer. What a treat!!! The company was as warm as the fire.

They’re very open folk and it was a privilege to share stories and get a little insight into their worlds. We enjoyed checking out the night sky with the SkyView phone App and Kate introduced me to ‘Old Man Emu’ in the Milky Way. Fun fun fun night and beautiful people!!!!! Thank you 🙏

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