Day 43 Kernot Range

Distance today 102km at 16km/hr average

Total distance 3105km. Donations $4301.80. Deserts 3/10. Days remaining 96

Note to new readers: I am travelling with my bike who’s name is Banjo. I often refer to ‘we’ meaning Banjo and I. ‘We’ have an amazing support team of family, friends, sponsors and folk we meet each day. But it’s still up to ‘us’ to face the challenge and tackle each day one peddle at a time.

It’s 752pm on Sunday the 13 June 2021.

Oh my goodness it’s bug o’clock 🤣 no wonder the birds were so happy today, out in numbers by the roadside and busy busy. Many a bug have met their peril in my cuppa oh dear!!! The bird life kept me amused and upbeat during a day that was a bit of a slog with a westerly headwind and constant undulations. But I was really happy to work through the day and reach our destination here at Kernot Range. Good training for stage 5- The Great Central Highway from Yulara to Laverton. I’m expecting the conditions to be next level and was keen today to work through the challenge in a good headspace. It’s only going to get harder and I have no doubt that today will seem like a breeze compared to what’s ahead. I’m not sure what the weathers doing and am waiting to hear from my partner what the forecast is for this area. 0-4mm of rain for the next days so nothing too sinister which is goo to know. There are lightning flashes on the northern horizon and it tried to rain a few times during the day. But it was all over before it started so hopefully the cranky clouds will blow on bye.

I was up with the sunrise this morning that was red and spectacular. Outback sunrises and sunsets never disappoint and each are unique and stunning way to start and finish most days.

I had a FaceTime date with Dawn and Dylan to share the cactus plant that I finally found for the little man. I was on a promise to find a ‘spikey desert plant’ and couldn’t believe it when I saw a huge specimen tucked in behind the pool area at Erldunda Roadhouse. We also did a live tour of the emu farm and camel enclosure. The boy was chuffed and it was truly awesome to share with them both. What a treat for us all to have that face to face contact and the perfect way to start our Sunday. They were meeting up later with mum and dad for fish and chips. I’m very content to know the family is enjoying some quality time while I’m away. Although it’s very hard for us all being apart, it’s super special to share the desert challenge and hear about their day to day. It’s definitely strengthening our bond with appreciation for what matters most.

It was a later start today when I finished packing up and said my goodbyes to Tony and Teresa who I met at the campsite.

They’re having a rest day at Erldunda and head out this way tomorrow so hopefully we’ll see each other again on the road. Teresa gave me a packet of red frogs for the trip today. Thank you lovely lady, they certainly came in handy breaking down the last 50km with lots of rewards and a sugar fix when we finally arrived this arv. It all helps as does your caring. 🙏

I headed up to reception to say thank you for the stay and pick up my battery pack which they charged for me overnight. I met some more folk having their morning tea before setting out this way also. They expressed their admiration for what we’re taking on and made a donation. Thanks to Neil from Bathurst for your $5 and Phillip from Port MacQuarie $10. I’ll pop your donations in at Yulara 🙏🙏

We were keen to get going after our awesome morning and said our goodbyes to Erldunda and the Stuart Highway.

We were on the B4 Lasseter Highway 244km to Yulara and super excited. Turning west we were hit with a westerly and knew the day was going to be long and slow going. But it gave us a chance to enjoy the roadside bushes that are in flower and intricate.

We had our break 50km in at the half way mark. The road is busy with folk heading to and from Uluru. Not to many places for a wee wee break so by this stage I was keen to find a bush and so was my bladder 🤣 During the quiet moment, a green budgie sat right beside me on a head height branch. “Hello mate aren’t you handsome!!!’ They’re so fine and brilliant and he was happy to stop and share the moment with me. It was a great photo opportunity if I wasn’t otherwise preoccupied so I just savoured the up close and personal time together.

We arrived at Kernot Range and it was really satisfying to make that distance. I was able to get some footage of the spot before it got too late.

It is still very windy into the evening but Banjo and I managed to find a spot behind a tree that offers some protection. So we’re cosy safe and sound and ready to share some dinner with the bugs and tuck into bed. Off to Curtain Springs tomorrow which should be about 60km all going well. I think the speedometer battery has died so I’ll replace that before we head off tomorrow. Although I enjoy the camping grounds we get to stay in and of course the internet connection, I also enjoy the simplicity and routine of our camping on the road. Talk soon xxx

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