Day 6 Yuleba

Distance today 83km ave 17km/hr

Hi fine folk. I’m sitting in the bar at the Yuleba hotel enjoying a Pepsi while I do my post. Margaret and Kevin who are camping next to me are also enjoying a drink and I have just been talking facebook with Margaret. She was keen to follow The10desertchallenge so we found it on facebook for her to like and follow. She scrolled through the other posts and saw the one about Emma from the Brigallo General Store. “Oh we always go to that place when we travel that way!!!” What a small world. They haven’t been there since Emma and her husband bought the business so I was able to update her with the snippet of info I have. It was fun. They promise to send my Hi’s when they next pop in yay.

I arrived in town about 4pm this afternoon and Anna behind the bar was kind enough to allow me to camp for free to support Beyond Blue. It’s got a very homely atmosphere of half dozen locals. Margaret and Kevin are on their way to the Roma show apparently on this weekend. They’ve excused themselves to go into the dining room where apparently “they put on a good feed here.” Beautiful people super friendly and genuine. Love it!!!! I can’t remember the town they’re from but Margaret mentioned she’s the editor of the local paper and is keen to promote my story and challenge, bless her!!

It was a later start this morning as a couple came over and started chatting and sharing stories. Ken and Carmel are on their way to Carnarvon Gorge for the first time. Very exciting!!! My family and I were there last September so we had lots to talk about 🙂 It’s so interesting how folk are keen to share their story and bring it round to mental health and their own personal challenges. It’s not a burdensome thing; it’s from the heart and raw and a privilege to be trusted with people’s own stories. It helps to share in a safe place

The ride was pretty good today. Oh my goodness Pat Benatar is on the jutbox… “hit me with your best shot… fire awayyyyyy!!!!!!” Okay now it’s Diana Ross “Chain Reaction!!” I may need to Coyote Ugly it on the bar 🙂 Where was I? Oh yeah, the ride today. I’m sure I can type and toe tap at the same time lol.

Most of the small dot towns today had bore water. It was silty but with water tablets tasted okay just a bit gritty. Thanks to Chemist Warehouse I have a healthy supply of Aquatabs for these occasions. Ive definitely tasted worst but the days are young. I imagine there will be plenty of times I’ll just be happy to have water. I stopped at the petrol station at Drillham and they offered to fill my drink bottle with tank water which was appreciated and made the last 10km more comfy along with a couple of chuppa chups for that extra umph 🙂

It’s probably time for me to head back to camp and enjoy some dinner so I’ll leave it there for today and be talking soon. I’m enjoying practicing my instagramming to promote sponsors so check it out. Hopefully the quality will improve as I go along and settle into the swing of day to day ness on the road. Roads are built for journeys after all!!! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Day 6 Yuleba

  1. Hi Maree
    Met Dawn yesterday and enjoyed a great chat with her.
    Really enjoying reading your story each day. I’m so in awe of you. Cheers Barb and John.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Barb and John. Thank you so much for helping. The post pack for Birdsville was sent of yesterday. Hope you’re both well and having luck with home shopping xx


  2. Day 6 and you’re sounding like you’re getting into this stretch heart, soul and muscle with every kilometer Ree…and having funnn! We’re looking forward to day 7’s blog. Love from usss threee XXX


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