Days 5 Miles

Distance today 81km.

Hi everyone. Staying in Miles tonight at a caravan park to wash me and some very stinky gear. I was talking to Emma at BGS (Brigalow General Store) today and I could sense her taking a few steps back. So now I’m squeaky clean and catching up on a couple of days posts. Banjo and I came through some wet weather through Dalby so it’s good to have the gear also smelling nice. Thanks to Overboard, all the gear in the panniers was snug tight. Unfortunately the light weight wet weather jacket soaked through so it was a chill bill ride into Dalby. I found a camp store in town and bought a new jacket that will hoipefully do the trick. My vortex rain jacket was one of the items I sent back with Barbara and John post!!!!

There’s been heavy dew overnight and I left my tent door open at Yarraman so my sleeping bag is also in the dryer getting some freshening up. This afternoon was the first sign of sun and time for sunscreen, sleeves and sunglasses. These are all donated products. Shout out to Woolies, SParms and Terry Duffy Optomistrist. Sponsors have been a humbling part of preparing for the challenge and I look forward to acknowledging them over the nexts days and weeks. Of course I’m promoting their businesses but it’s much more than marketing. This team of support helps stay on track and remember what matters during the hard kms. There’s been lots of those times already over the first few days and keeping perspective is key.

The purpose of these weeks is to bond with Banjo and their gear and get the body into some sort of day to day ness . It’s so different to training – putting together all the elements, the km, terrain, weight, weather, gear and social media. It’s super early days and so many more tricky adversities will pop up along the way.

I’ve managed 83 and 82 kms the last couple of days so I’m super satisfied doing more distance and backing up.

Last night was fun staying Warra. It’s a dot of a town 46km west of Dalby. The rest area is quirky amongst restored historical buildings. The caravaners were super friendly and interesting. I ended up spending the evening with one couple who invited me to fried rice and great company. Good night and good folk.

Time for some dinner xx 🙂

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