Day 72 Ninja camp 1/1 to Newman

Distance today 83km at 16km/hr average

TOTALS: Distance 5060km. Donations $7290.09. Days remaining 67. Deserts: Sturt Stony, Strzelecki, Tirari, Gibson, Great Victorian, Little Sandy Desert. Tracks: Birdsville Development Road, Birdsville Track, Oodnadatta Track, Red Centre Way, Great Central Road, Goldfields Highway, Wiluna North Road.

Note to new readers: I am travelling with my bike who’s name is Banjo. I often refer to ‘we’ meaning Banjo and I. ‘We’ have an amazing support team of family, friends, sponsors and folk we meet each day. But it’s still up to ‘us’ to face the challenge and tackle each day one peddle at a time.

It’s 700pm on Monday the 12 July 2021.

I’m sitting in shorts and T-shirt tonight. What a change!! It’s the first time in 72days that I haven’t been rugged up in my thermals and down jacket after the sun goes down. The northerly today has brought warmer conditions. A variety of bugs by the numbers have joined us tonight at our campsite. Even the red light doesn’t seem to be discouraging their excitement about the balmy temperature. The insect repellent is working overtime to remind them it’s dinner for one. Sorry guys!!! The ants are trying to eat me instead 🤣 More bug spray!!!

We found a great spot to camp in an area that has become quite hilly with rocky outcrops and more dense shrubbery. The road meandered through the change of scenery this afternoon blocking out a lot of the wind. It was a welcomed change to enjoy the ride for the last 20kms. It let me get through the kms before sunset o’clock which was very satisfying after a slow slog for the most part of the day. The legs are feeling it tonight!

I packed up this morning at Kumarina Roadhouse and the wind was already blowing up and a bit discouraging. We’ve had a headwind since leaving Leonora and it’s taking a toll on my energy levels. I could feel it last night and was a bit weary. I must have been looking a bit hang dog this morning. Wendy and her family were camping next to us and she spotted me out of her caravan window while brewing a coffee. She thought ‘this girl needs a cuppa’ and invited me to join them over a cappuccino. Oh bliss and bless her woman’s intuition. I met her partner and son Zack and we enjoyed some chats about each other’s travels. Zack shared his last 2 Tim Tams with me darling guy, and they filled my water bladder for the next 2 days ride. The tummy appreciated the break from bore water that’s for sure!! It causes tummy gurgles that are a bit antisocial 🤣 Another couple who were camping came over to join in the discussion and were very keen about beyondblue and our fundraising challenge. They gave me a packet of rice crackers which I’m going to devour with my noodles when I’m finished my post. It was a great way to start the day and got the spirits up to face the headwind.

The AAA energising bunny got a good workout today. I knew once I started it was going to be a long day. Accepting and Adjusting to the conditions was definitely in order. I Adapted with a different approach, stopping every 10km at the road signs to Newman. We counted them down from 160 to 80 and it was thumbs up to chip away to the halfway mark. Early start tomorrow to tackle the remaining 80km and hopefully get into Newman a bit earlier.

Malcolm passed us again today in ‘The Goat.’ I really like this man. He’s so upbeat and full of cheek and good manners. He pulled over and we enjoyed some banter. I was able to get a picky finally which he was relieved about. He’s not too technically savvy and was wondering how he was going to text me the picture from Wiluna North Road. He was also camped at Gascoyne River where we stopped for morning tea yesterday. He had found a spot further down river away from the busy road and relished the bird life and waterway for the day and overnight. Hopefully I’ll see you again soon mate.

My sister Janet sent me a satellite message reminding us that we’re on the edge of the Little Sandy Desert. I read the text at our 10km break when we also clocked over 5000km. Super chuffed and an awesome milestone to share with the 10desertchallenge community. It’s also amazing how much distance we have covered by ‘tackling each day one peddle at a time.

My big sister, Katie also sent me a satellite text letting me know about their upcoming trip to Italy. Connection with family is so important. I could feel the energy lift especially on a day when the levels were low. I love my sisters and am so grateful for our close connection despite the distance of them living in Germany. Love has no barriers when my heart is open and caring about what matters most. Satellite technology is truly amazing and enables my family and I to stay connected as we continue to travel remotely. My Inreach mini is an essential bit of kit. Two way communication is a step up from other tracking devices I’ve used in the past. They all have safety benefits but the ‘sharing’ is what makes the 10desertchallenge sustainable for my mental health and wellbeing.

Mother Nature is trying to decide if she’s going to rain or not. The spots are indecisive. I think it’s time to hit the tent to enjoy dinner out of the weather and bugs. The bugs are a bit persistent and I’m at risk of calling them terrible names if we hang out together much longer 🤣 Night and talk soon xx

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