Day 51 Warakurna

Distance today 46km at 13km/hr average

Total distance 3713km. Donations $5366.80. Deserts 3/10. Days remaining 88.

Note to new readers: I am travelling with my bike who’s name is Banjo. I often refer to ‘we’ meaning Banjo and I. ‘We’ have an amazing support team of family, friends, sponsors and folk we meet each day. But it’s still up to ‘us’ to face the challenge and tackle each day one peddle at a time.

It’s 727pm on Monday the 21 June 2021.

I can’t quite figure out the time zone here. It seems I’m still in NT time but when I google it should be the whole WA that’s 2hours behind EST. Bit confusing but I’ll check at the roadhouse in the morning to see how it works and when the WA time zone kicks in.

It’s raining!!!!! The lady who works here said they have 3 days of rain a year and the next 24hrs is forecast rain and more rain. Great for the locals but no so great for cyclists. We had a laugh about that when I checked in this afternoon. But they let me set up camp under the back awning of the building so I’m out of the weather. Tuesday is forecast clear again so I may yet wait out the rain tomorrow and get going on Wednesday. There’s also an issue with the road potentially closing as it takes little to close the roads in this area. I’ll just have to see what tomorrow brings and take it from there. I know Banjo will be happier as well not getting his working bits all muddy if we can avoid it. The boy still has a long way to go on this stage.

There’s a lot of camp dogs in this community so I’m close to the tent as they’re wondering around waiting for opportunities to check out our camp a bit closer. Otherwise the campsites pretty quiet and the rain sounds very cathartic on the tin roof. Should make for an awesome night sleep. It’s also not that cold tonight with the cloud cover. However the next few days are forecast 3-14 so a few brrrrrr days ahead. More riding in thermals and more bum cream 🤣

We had a pretty good camp last night. The dingos gave us a wide birth. I did hear horses close by this morning which was cool!!! I packed up and said goodbye to our river bed camp this morning. It was an awesome spot and great to be out of sight from any passing cars but still close enough to the road.

I definitely feel a lot more vulnerable on the road. We had a tricky time trying to get a permit approved by the local aboriginal council because they couldn’t guarantee our safety due to ‘men’s business’ and being a female travelling alone. I had to appeal that decision and they ended up granting a permit with me signing an indemnity. They weren’t forthcoming with more detail about their concerns which makes it a bit tricky to risk assess and safety plan. The police officer in Yulara advised to camp discreetly and be vigilant around personal safety. So that’s my plan to travel this road bringing as little attention as I can and especially where I camp.

There’s fewer travellers on the road. I may pass 3-4 caravans during the day but there’s a lot of locals using the road in 2WDs. The cars are always packed with 6+ people. I give everyone a big smile and wave but I’m not so keen to be visited during the night so discreet camping is definitely the way to go. I’ll just be happy to complete this stage safely and anything else is a bonus.

I already appreciate more so the travellers I do meet during the day as it’s precious time to have a chat and connect. I had only just started the ride this morning literally when John and Trent from Sydney and Kev and Sandy from Tea Gardens near Newcastle stopped to check in we’re okay. It was really lovely to share stories about mental health and our travels. They were very encouraging of our challenge an sent us on our way with their blessings as well. An apple, orange and lime which will taste great on the noodles tomorrow night. Thanks fine folk. They have just done the Sandy Blight Track and apparently are the first caravans to cross the road so we’ll done you!!!!!

The weather changed during the ride today to a strong side wind and quite overcast. there were some menacing clouds in the sky and we were happy to reach Warakurna by 2pm.

It’s started raining now this evening so I’m very happy to be dry under the awning. I just had a visit from a couple of guys travelling the opposite direction on the track so they have been able to give me heads up on the road conditions rom here on info Laverton which is awesome!!! They also mentioned the time zone kicks in sometime between here and Warburton so it’s great to know I’ll be on WA time to plan ahead.

Anyway it’s time to have some dinner and make sure all our stuff is packed up back in the panniers. Apparently as well as the camp dogs there’s a resident dingo who likes to check out the campsites for anything left out including shoes!!!! Great tip to keep our gear out of harms way as it’s all precious and needs safe keeping. Talk soon xxxx

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