Day 48 Yulara

Distance today – rest day

It’s 656am on Friday the 18 June 2021.

I woke yesterday to a sunrise and Uluru. It was a very special time to share and reflect.

Claudia and Lothar speak about this place as one of centring and grounding.

Uluru resembles a “land iceberg” as the vast majority of its mass is actually underground, almost 2.5km worth! No wonder it is a spiritual epicentre; so grounded within its own energy. It invites us to come closer to the centre of ourselves and each other and burry our roots deep so that we can are stable and strong to live life to its full. It’s a place where I want to develop a closer relationship with myself and come home to what matters most in my life.

Yesterday I spent the morning pawing over maps and preparing for the next stage. WA has strict permits to protect the communities across its vast desert country. Once I had a rough idea of timeframes and places I called ahead to the roadhouses and advised my estimated arrival times. With this info I could complete the G2G border pass requirements.

Paperwork done ✔️ it was time to enjoy some free information sessions offered by the information sessions. There were sessions about astronomy, nature and culture and I loved having the time to just listen and learn something more to appreciate with.

Old man salt bush

I met Carol and Ann from Port Macquarie who donated $5. Thank you lovely ladies for your interest and care.

It was wonderful to meet up with Claudia and Lothar at 530 for sunset and dinner and enjoy some quality time again before heading off today. I know I have met friends for life.

So now it’s time to pack up and get underway today. Stage 5 – Yulara to Laverton on the Great Central Road.

Talk soon xxx

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