Day 35 Oodnadatta

Distance today 56km at 14km/hr

Total distance 2605km. Deserts 3/10 Donations $3771. Days remaining 104

It’s 7pm on Saturday the 5 June 2021.

I’m sitting outside the Pink roadhouse at Oodnadatta catching up on my posts in a spot where reception seems a bit better than in the campgrounds out back. A puppy god has just visited me for a scratch and it’s a nice moment to share a hello

‘Peter‘ the manager at the roadhouse couldn’t be more helpful. He let me camp for free and give me a coke on the house when I walked in a bit disheveled at 3pm this arv. The perfect pick me up. Since then I have showered and shopped for the next few days to Marla. All good to go again in the morning. I have learnt that my gas cooker doesn’t have gas replacements readily available. Bugga. Peter offered me his portable cooker that uses butane canisters that are in all the corner stores and road houses. I paid him what he paid for it and stocked up on 4 canisters. It’ll be interesting to see how long each one lasts but at least I’m set now yay.

It was awesome to arrive at the roadhouse. It’s the epicentre of the town with the corner store, post office, petrol station and cafe all inclusive. Dispute being a bit quirky it works and definitely looked like Mecca on the road in. Even Banjo thought he looked particularly handsome with a pink backdrop

It ended up being a bit of a hard ride here. The conditions were otherwise good. However gravel had been put on the track over the corrugations and the traffic has pushed it to the shoulder of the road where we travel. This meant that riding was like pushing through deep sand and a hard slog for the first 40km of the ride. The conditions were otherwise good and the scenery was stunning.

The track was super interesting; undulating through rolling hills and floodways with river bed crossings.

This cracked me up at a time I needed a good laugh to tackle the next 5km

I’m going to leave it there as I still want to talk to family again and have some dinner. Talk soon from Marla 👍

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