Day 27 Clayton Station

Distance today 85km at 14km/hr

It’s 616pm on Friday the 28 May 2021

It’s fire o’clock at Clayton station campgrounds.

The station provides this facility for campers for $10 a car per night. The draw card is an artesian ‘spa’ which is an above ground water tank that you fill with hot bore water and have a soak. Not really my cuppa tea being more COVID conscious these days but a handful of campers have enjoyed it over dusk. I had a giggle as they got out with sunset squeals into the chilly air.

We got underway this morning at about 845am, ready to tackle the 80-90km here.

We came across our first bull dust today. Just a few patches of 50m or so. I’ve never experienced bull dust before. It’s like talcum powder. The shoulder of the road was easier to spin through so for today at least it was more a novelty. I’m positive that will change down the track 🤣

Goodness it was windy today. The ride was mostly long straight tracks across open floodways so very little break in the conditions. By 25km I was well and truly ready for my last Clifton Hills apple. I found a hedge by the roadside and tucked myself away to enjoy the beep beep finches that were nested in the tree.

While I was stopped a handful of travellers past and all checked in that I was okay which is always great to be on the receiving end of. One couple, Tientsin and Donna stopped for a chat. They’re from Samford and travelling with their fat tyre bikes on board to stop and explore the Birdsville track along the way. They have heard of our fundraising challenge through a number of fat tyre forums they follow. I was so excited to hear about that. They both know Troy Szczurkowski.

I touched base with Troy via Instagram earlier on in Mitchell. Troy is well known by fat bikers and has raced trails overseas including Alaska. He offered to share our socials through his network and it seems to have reached his followers which is awesome to get the word out for beyondblue. I often think about his encouraging words of advice to tackle each day one step at a time.

We had our second break and a late lunch down the track to psych up for the last 20km. We were feeling a bit weary at this time. After a while the wind takes a toll and every bump feels bumpier 🤣

Later in the day I crossed over a cattle grid and into the Clayton Cattle Station. The track had been graded beautifully and felt like a highway. I was very relieved to see the sign 3.4km to Clayton Station campground.

It’s funny how there’s a bit more zing in our peddle when we’re about to stop for the day 🤣

We set up camp and a fire for dusk o’clock and are now quite cosy doing our post. The harder the day the more I appreciate the sunset and tonight’s was yet another one to savour over a cuppa.

I hope to set off a bit earlier tomorrow to get into Marree so I may get into dinner by the embers and tuck myself into beddy byes or the night. It’s so noticeable how comforting it is by the embers. They’re cosy warm and it makes me think about my family and the thrill of talking again tomorrow. The moon’s rising through the clouds. Love you so much. Night and talk soon xx

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One thought on “Day 27 Clayton Station

  1. I am in awe as to how at the end of a days peddling that you Maree find the inspiration to write such an addictive message to us all.
    Many of our mornings John and I sit over breakfast reading of your days adventures.
    Hats off to you girl. You are amazing.👏💐


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