Day 25 Mungarannie Roadhouse

Distance today 35km Ave 10km/hr

It’s 6.47pm on Thursday the 25 May 2021.

Woke this morning and wondered over to the Mirra Mitta Bore to check it out. I could see the steam rising from my campsite and needed to explore with a cuppa.

The campsite looked so small but it was a haven for us last night and I slept like a baby

A Willy Wagtail visited while I enjoyed second cuppa o’clock then it was time to hit the road and headwind. A southerly blew up overnight and she was cold and strong and made for the toughest ride yet by far. We worked twice as hard for half the speed. It was good to stop after 20km for breakfast and a break

We entered into Strzelecki desert country and the landscape distinctively changed. The contrast of red gibbler plains, yellow gravel roads and blue skies was startling. The road is more undulating as it snakes through the hills and weathered jump ups. You can feel how old the country is and it’s a beauty to be seen. Riding slows the experience and keeps it front row centre for the senses to take it all in.

I was very happy to arrive at Mungarannie. It was coffee o’clock, actually it was two coffees o’clock and savoured 101. I planned to water up and head off again after some lunch but that didn’t happen. Instead I got talking to other folk enjoying the pub. It’s super quirky with everything imaginable hanging from the roof and around the mantles

I spoke to a few couples heading up from Marree and they were able to give me heads up on water points along the way – so helpful for planning stopovers for the next 210km – Awesome!!!

Then I met Bill and Wendy. I shared the story of Banjos tyres and my loss of confidence in the pump I have onboard. Bill checked his spare kit and found a valve extender. He said I could have it as well as a valve core extractor and a spare valve. We then experimented on Banjo and got the extender to work a treat with a car tyre compressor. His tyres are now a better psi for the road conditions. His tyre pressure was too low today and added to the challenging conditions.

Its full moon tonight and heading over for dinner, the big white shiny bright fella was rearing his handsome head above the tree line. Just stunning!!!!

I’m enjoying a salad and chips while I post to you fine folk. It hasn’t been a lot of distance today but it’s been worth the earlier stop with the info and extra kit now on board. Three more days to Maree and I can’t wait to talk to my family. Time to finish dinner before they close up shop. Talk soon xx

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