Day 2 Yarraman

Distance today- 45km 4hrs riding time @11km/hr

Hi fine folk. Well today has been a reality check. It started well crossing over the range at Benarkin State Forest which was really satisfying but unfortunately it went all downhill with the riding after that. Clearly now in hindsight I was dehydrated after that effort and the legs seized up cramping on the inside quad on both legs and running up into the groin. Very tricky. I tried walking out the cramps and this worked for a short time but as soon as I got back on Banjo and started working the hills again, the cramping continued and progressively got worse. I was forced to pull up half way up the last long hill into Yarraman and find a camp spot to address the issue. Thanks to Chemist warehouse I have a very decent first aid kit and smashed the electrolytes and water for the afternoon. Lots of tears and wee wee’s later I’m feeling a bit better just a wicked headache and very sore muscles. I probably started yesterday without having enough water and it didn’t take long for the body to protest. So that’s my heads up. I probably up until this experience consider I can mentally push through but this was 101 that the body is a machine and needs to be fed and watered to do what I’m asking of it. The road is very undulating and each hill is long so there’s a lot of work I’m asking of the legs so early in the trip. I was told it flattens out more after Dalby but for now it’s a rude awakening to take care of the body. I culled the kit down to essentials through to Birdsville. There’s a couple camping nearby and I got chatting to Barbara who I fly offered to drop the gear home when they’re back in Brissy after Wednesday. Bless the awesome good nature of folk and unconditional generosity. Tops up the tank again after a pretty low day. Right now I’m inhaling noodles in between typing and may need to saddle up to another pack. The rest area is right next to the heritage trail that runs through this way. Barbara took the trail into Yarraman this morning and said it’s a beautiful ride so that may be a cool way to start the day away from the traffic. It’s a stunning night not a cloud and the stars are beautiful company. Today has been an experience that has shirted my perspective in a good way and that’s always a good thing. Let’s see how tomorrow goes. Night and talk soon xx

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2 thoughts on “Day 2 Yarraman

  1. OMG Ree, what a hard climb you’ve had today. I’m hoping there’ll be more Barbaras when you’re in need. Will Dawn send the gear on?
    Hope you have a good night’s sleep. Pace yourself. Give yourself time to heal. All the best on day 3 of cycling.
    Love from usss threee


    1. Janny that was so tricky with the cramps. They were in my inner thigh running up into my groin on both sides. I tried walking it out but that lasted a short time before I was stuck. Thank goodness for the rest area on the bottom side of Yarraman. Water and electrolytes later it was okay. Just a few sore muscles for a couple of days xxxx


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