Day 17 Cuppa Creek 85 km out of Birdsville

Distance today 85km Ave 19km/hr It’s 808pm Tuesday the 18 May 2021 It’s later o’clock than I usually do my post but I’ve been on patrol with a dingo howling and doing a wide birth around my campsite. Maree’s on alert mode. I’m the only camper here tonight and its a bit unnerving. I haveContinue reading “Day 17 Cuppa Creek 85 km out of Birdsville”

Day 13 Kyabram Creek rest area, Thylungra

Distance today 116km Ave 21km/hr It’s twilight o’clock, 607pm Friday the 14 May 2021. Let’s start from where I finished up today. The perfect place for my first fire and how yum. There’s not a sound except crickets and plops in the creek. The locals and visitors into fishing, apparently love catching their yellow bellyContinue reading “Day 13 Kyabram Creek rest area, Thylungra”