Our challenge

Our 10 000km route covers 10 tracks including the Adventure Way, Birdsville Track, Oodnadatta Track, Old Ghan Railway Heritage Trail, Tanami Track, Canning Stock Route, Goldfields Highway, Great Central Highway, Red Centre Way and the Simpson Desert Crossing.  There is limited access to water and services on route. This means being able to carry food and water for up to a week at times. I will mail ahead food supplies to towns with postal service and can carry up to 35Litres of water. The 10 desert challenge is a true adventure.  If successful I will be the first woman to do so.   

About us 

Banjo & I are two adventure predators committed to evolving our best selves by tackling challenges that stretch us. We call ourselves ‘shecyclesaurus.’ Banjo is a beast of a bike named after the Australian raptor dinosaur discovered in Winton (Australoventator). I thrive on edgy adventures in the natural world. This means putting myself out of my comfort zone. Navigating the discomfort helps me build a consciousness about what matters. I value learning self awareness about the person I am and want to be. I have grown up with anxiety and learnt to approach life this way; as an adventure. Here, I can get back to basics and connect to deeper parts of myself that show up 🙂 This is my way to appreciate the gift of life and evolve my best self naturally.

Desert country will test our bigger, stronger, wiser, kinder selves with its raw beauty & extreme conditions.  It’ll take physical, mental, social and spiritual resolve to face the daily trials. It’s about the journey and keeping good mental health and wellbeing. For me this means: staying connected; respecting mother nature; looking after myself, Banjo and our gear, appreciating every moment, remembering what matters most, being adventurous, keeping a routine, taking one step at a time, sharing experiences, and keeping perspective with a sense of humour, fun and playfulness.

I’m sure there’s more that will come to light in our travels and I look forward to sharing this with you. Living with COVID has reminded us all how valuable mental health is and it remains a challenge to learn how to build resilience together. I hope our challenge inspires you to experience the mental health benefits of undertaking adventure challenges safely in our great outdoors.



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